Monday, August 15, 2011

Access Consciousness Cult Scam

Meet Gary Douglas and Dain Heer. These two fucksticks run a cult scam called Access Consciousness. Gary Douglas describes himself as an ex real estate agent who had a “Leave it to Beaver” type childhood. He says very little about himself and comes off more as some pretentious fop from some shitbag soap opera which air on this planet. He is rumored to be an ex scientologist and simply formed Access Consciousness around similar lines. Maybe he did have a Leave It to Beaver Childhood. But I wonder if in his case if Ward actually was a little too hard on him. Dain Heer describes himself as a doctor – a doctor of what I could not discern. Perhaps he is a doctor of dingleberries or flatuology. Either way I think he should be put in chains simply on how he dresses and presents himself as this over the top wonderful human being. He has a nice pretty smile and I can see why stupid vapid cows fawn over him.

Supposedly, Access Consciousness was founded by Gary in 1990. However, it seems his little club has only been coming on the radar in recent times. The entire organization makes some pretty bold claims. Gary and Dain seem to be magicians who can transform things into other things through what they call DeMolecular Manifestation. They can also magic things away through a similar process called Molecular DeManifestation. We have this ability too, but we use something more practical called a disruptor pulse rifle. I wonder if Gary would like a demonstration.

Regardless, Gary and Dain also seem to think they can talk to the fucking animals. In fact, if you go to Amazon dot com you will see that they even have a book called - you guessed it - Talk to the Animals. The book cover shows Gary getting very close and personal with a horse - while the poor horse has the look of wanting to be put out of its misery. At this point I think if I was the horse I’d prefer to be turned into glue rather than to endure this indignity.

The entire scam seems to be aimed at middle aged humans with decent sized bank accounts. I suppose Gary and Dain are hoping to cash in on the mid-life crises of others. There is also an indication that Access Consciousness is made to appeal to families since these two scumbags offer their services to kids for free. There is a darker side to this which will come to light soon enough – but Im sure you can, as Desteni says, put one and one together and make two. At their website, you can sign up to participate in classes which I guess will train you in their mind altering rubbish.

After several of these expensive courses on how to be a sucker and speak in cultish babble, you can become what is called a facilitator. As a facilitator your job is to recruit others into Access Consciousness. Looking through Access Consciousness’ list of facilitators, it seems that Desteni might want take notes in order to increase their own head count. Two people near the bottom are actually fucking flowers. I wonder if they used DeMolecular Manifestion on themselves in order to pull that off. As long as you are useful to Gary and Dain, you can continue in this role. However, once you have played all your cards which could include destroying your family and finances, you’ll be tossed out like yesterday’s trash.

The next interesting facet to Access Consciousness is their stance on sexual freedom. They tell new recruits not to make judgments. It seems making a judgment is a sin in Access Consciousness. Therefore, when it comes to having sex you shouldn’t be judgmental about who your partners are. I don’t even think marriage is a boundary in this case since Access Consciousness treats this activity as “Play.” And since kids eat for free, I suppose what is good for the goose is good for the gosling. I personally have nothing against hosting wild sex orgies. However, for middle aged men, this seems to be one of the main attractors to Access Consciousness.

This aspect simply functions as this cult’s brand of love bombing. And in this case, I suppose Gary and Dain decided not to beat around the bush and go all out. I must say that this is a bold and audacious initiative on their part – what better way to gain loyal recruits than letting them feel no inhibitions about fucking each other silly. And I’m sure that Gary and Dain get their choice of the ripest of such fruits.

Finally, I wish to draw your attention towards a special project of Access Consciousness. It is called Ocean 300. The plan is for 300 cult members to board a ship sometimes in September of this year and sail to somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where a giant mound of trash known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is located. Once there, the cult plans on using their magic to make the garbage simply go away. However, given their stance on sexual freedom, I think this is window dressing for their real intentions. I suppose it could be a lot of fun and excessively self-indulgent – and would need some absurd excuse to feel better about the whole thing afterwards. The entire fiasco reminds of the scene from the movie Caligula where a sexual pleasure cruise is taken for the purpose of conquering Britiania. Too bad no wives of politicians will be prostituted out to the masses during this voyage.

If you are unsatisfied with your life, have a penchant for newage rubbish, a sizable wad of cash, and a willingness to destroy your life, then Access Consciousness might be just the thing for you. But don’t expect Gary and Dain to feel responsible if things go sour. Besides feeling bad and having a conscience just isn’t their cup of tea.


  1. What is your experience with this? I am asking because my wife is in Costa Rica right now with those fucks

  2. A friend who has become very soured on Access pointed me to your blog and video. Good job; you've provided an excellent summary of Access rubbish. Regarding one of the points you wondered about, Dain Heer is a chiropractor, so at least in the U.S. he is entitled to use the title "Dr." He and Gary Douglas first got together through Gary's stepdaughter, whose Access ad caught Dain's eye back when he was struggling and unhappy and suicidal. My guess is that Gary figured Dain would be a good attractant for a younger generation of members. I find him very creepy, but then I think everything about Access is pretty creepy.

    I don't really have any trouble believing that Gary first started slinging the crap he called Access in 1990, but it was probably pretty fringe-y for many years till Dain arrived on the scene in the early 2000's. It continued to grow for several years (mostly establishing a presence in Australia and New Zealand, for some reason). I first heard of it in 2007 when a justifiably disgruntled person sent me an email about being screwed (in more ways than one) by a manipulative Access member. Even today Access doesn't get much press -- particularly critical press. So good for you for joining in on that.

  3. Hi, i have a friend who has just joined Access and had a number of trainings with them which she had to scrap together the money to go to these trainings, myself her husband and other friends are concerned for her wellbeing, is there a group of ex-access members i could talk to in order to get a better picture on what she is involved in as when she returns from these trainings she is very vauge as to what has happened and walks around mumbling things under her breath and for ever telling us to POD and POC everything when we are talking about stuff, its getting a little freaky.

  4. Any chance I can give you some info offline from the blog

  5. First of all its landmark fourm knockoff bullshit, they are scamming unknowning pet owners into garys web

  6. Great work, first of all. I've always really wanted to try starting a cult in earnest, but the more I study on it and even look at groups like this which on the surface seem pretty inoccuous, the fact is that one can't really flippantly start organizing people and providing them with your own worldview software without damaging people, and that ain't cool. As you close with, judging so as to have a conscience and sometimes feel bad is way more valuable than the blissful alternative these people are pursuing. Still, I would love to commandeer a fuck boat someday!

  7. I started a site recently in an effort to support friends, family and ex-Access Consciousness people. It is an online support group where you can vent and talk with others about their experience with Access Consciousness.

    There are articles and information about Access Consciousness and other Large Group Awareness organizations.

    The site is

    If you or someone you know are looking into Access Consciousness, do yourself a favor and check it out.

    If you are confused or frustrated with someone who is really getting into Access Consciousness, check out the site and look for others who have had similar experiences. I know, I was confused and frustrated myself.

    As I went through my experience with Access Consciousness there was no place to turn, no one to talk to. That is why I started the site. And I don't charge anything. Maybe I'll even give classes of my own on how to be "aware" without judgement, invite everything into your life and be expansive without the contradictions, the confusion or the immorality.

    Gary and the side show serial rapist may be scumbags, but they are not stupid. They manipulate vulnerable female minds. They are seriously ill individuals.

    Great work reptilian sleeper cell.

  8. There's a lot of judgment with out critical scrutiny going on here. Name calling and goof balling. Wonder why you can't find x Access people in significant numbers? There is no significant number and you won't find more. Especially compared to the phenomenal growth -- and well being of this group. It's easy to misinterpret what's going on in Access, but with an open mind, one can also notice almost immediately, that there are supremely valuable tools in the Access 'theory' to help people get to their source and find happiness and good will there. But I get people's reactions. I can see why you have them. Consider though that you could be misguided also in coming to the conclusions that you have. Think again, stay open. Everything is your choice -- you're not going to get 'taken' by anything you don't choose. And if it's Access, you certainly won't get taken, because that's not what they are trying to do. Remember, whatever you think, it looks like that.

  9. I think you guys are JUST JEALOUS. I talk to my animals everyday. They talk back... Why would anyone type FUCK in a review of something? NO CLASS. Just ask any dog, or cat!

  10. Elle i talk to my animals too. But that doesn't change my opinion about access. It is my point of view that it is a cult. It has destroyed the one i love. He is gone and as long as Access has a hold of him, he will never return. I think they are crooks stealing peoples money and their minds. SORRY BUT YOU CAN'T CURE CANCER,IF YOU POD AND POC IT....Lets talk real talk here.

    1. this sounds like a jaded accusation against a group because you have lost someone you Love... and say he will be gone as long as they have him.

      and, actually, whether you POD/POC something or just create the reality you want Consciously (any way you have it) you can cure anything. ive re-structured my DNA in order to have kids, and for the last 40 years i've been testosterone deficient and 0 sperm count. not any more though - and a baby on the way.

      you're own inability to effect your reality (because you only use the standard 5% of your Conscious mind and operate on 95% subconscious habitual-programming) doesnt mean that for others it is different.

  11. Religion is a cult too......Remember blind faith? Accept your religion through the eyes of a child?
    Silly, silly, silly...Of course cancer is not just pod & poc-ed away, but the underlying attachment to dis-tress can be minimized and that's an improvement for the immune system.
    And don't discount believing and having faith in something. Look at how many people have found happiness in their religion of choice.
    If you don't like something, release it from your life, find something more meaningful for you as an individual, rather than spewing all of this nasty, dark criticism. Every person's path is their own, even family members and close friends.
    Regarding Gary, it's a relief that someone is visibly supporting telepathy with animals as a normal process. We are all telepathic. A few still have the sensitivity and use it.
    If someone feels empowered to take charge of their life via the Access Consciousness process, let them have it. If your husband has found something that resonates for him, still care for him, even if you don't want to be on his path personally.
    Life is about choices and learning what is right for your personal learning experience. Even the Fundamentalists deserve that, even though they might not
    Sounds like this group could do some soul searching and I am not a follower, just an observer of the Access Consciousness dynamics.

  12. Guys i dn't really understand u; these 2 guys (Gary and Dain) saved my life, and you are scumming on them?i mean: why?
    Gary gifted me so much and he is one of the kindest person i have ever met in my life and.......he never asked me nothing back....really nothing...
    Dain?He is totally estravagant but with a "pure" child heart, always willing to "help" even if could charge a lot of money, when i needed an hand he was always offering me, again for free...the only way I had to pay him back was booking a private session that blasted my life....
    I'm Graziano Dominici, I have 2 degrees in medicine, and probably I'm really a jerk...but nothing ppls wrote "feels" light to me........Hopefully this time and here I'll not be censured for giving my experience.
    PS In Europe we know about cult (Nazi and Fascism are just few example) don't believe me and real "TRUE BELIEVER" before difining a free group that is trying to enpower ppl as a CULT!

  13. I just learned that a wonderful friend of the family, at age 42, killed herself. This after realizing she had been brainwashed by Access Conscious. She was pretty, smart and ambitious. After two years of immersion, she is dead.

  14. I received a bar treatment and it is truly wonderful. I feel love overflowing me and sometime I feel the need to just give the love that I have to other people or animal or tree by touching them. It is one of most wonderful things. I am sorry about your friend Michael but there are lots of reason for death of person.

    There are other energy healing such as reiki. People read tarot or angel card. Some people believe in gemstone or fung shui, religions, spirituality and many other things. We are living in a diverse world. What other people believe is their choice and what you believe is your choice. Reporting and sharing is always appreciated but please do it in respectful and responsible manner.

  15. hypnotherapy vs access consciousness which is better for my patients?

  16. Can someone pls help... I attended this bars session a month ago as i was deeply disturbed , frustrated and wanted to get healed.... one of my friends suggested it n i wanted to give it a try.... It was just one session n i really couldn't see much difference, the lady who ran my bars suggested I learn it rather than gettin healed by her n ever since been buggin n calling me often.

    Its huge money for me n i m not sure if its wise to invest in it coz m not sure how effective it is ,.... pls advise.

  17. It is very effective for whoever is getting your money...